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Dental Care Under General Anesthesia

A Service Suited to Your Health and Your Needs

At the Dental Anesthesia Clinic of Montreal, we guarantee that the patient will receive the ideal type of anesthesia. Each procedure is preceded by a preparatory visit and a pre-anesthetic assessment in order to determine your specific health profile and ensure the safest possible conditions for your surgery.

It is important to understand that, for safety reasons, we may not administer general anesthesia to individuals who suffer from heart disease, chronic pulmonary disease or morbid obesity.

The Dental Anesthesia Clinic of Montreal provides you with a safe and comfortable environment that complies with Canadian standards governing asepsis and the administration of anesthesia to adults.

If you suffer from a severe needle phobia, the Dental Anesthesia Clinic of Montreal may offers you the option of being sedated through the administration of a gentle-action gas mixture (inhaled via a mask).


  • Surgery (simple or complicated extraction, including wisdom teeth)
  • Fillings
  • Root canal treatment
  • Gum treatments (scaling)
  • X-rays and other procedures under anesthesia
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