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Dental care,
filling or repairing a tooth?

When there is a cavity or a fracture of a tooth, it must be restored.

The available materials are amalgam, composite resin and porcelain inlays.


Amalgam is a material composed primarily of mercury, silver and copper. It is a material of choice for teeth located at the rear, so less visible.

The amalgam very easily resists the pressure from chewing and seals the tooth very well. Its main drawback is its color.


Composite resin is an aesthetic material that is used to restore anterior teeth and posterior teeth. It is used to treat cavities, fractures or to change the shape of a tooth.

It is mainly composed of a polymer (plastic) and hard and very small inert particles.

The composite resin contains no mercury and approaches the natural shade of the tooth. When used to restore large caries to posterior teeth, it is slightly less durable than amalgam. In addition, the use of this material poses a greater risk of secondary decay or recurrence. In a patient who does not brush their teeth often, it is best to use amalgam on their posterior teeth.

Porcelain inlays

Porcelain inlays are indicated to restore more destroyed teeth. They are made in the laboratory or at the dentist who uses CEREC technology or equivalent. They are excellent, durable and highly aesthetic restorations.

They are never performed in general anesthesia because they require too much operating time.

For the restoration of teeth under general anesthesia, the dentist will always choose the best material and the technique requiring the least time.